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The New Solution for Europe, Higer Azure 9 E-bus debuts in Bus World

The2023 busworld takes place in Brussels, Belgium from October 7 to 12, 2023. It isreported that 526 exhibitors from 38 countries take nearly 300 units bus to busworldfor exhibition, with an exhibition area of 75,000 m2.
Europe,as the birthplace of bus, as well as the origin of many modern bus technologies.The busworld Brussels shows leading bus products and technologies all over theworld.
HigerBus launches Azure 9 at a time that low-carbon and green transportation has becomethe world’s topic. Which is a mid-sized product specially developed for the Europeanmarket. And the highlight points are designed by the most modernized appearance,with large low-floor area, high efficiency by low energy consumption, sufficientdriving range, intelligence and humanization interiors, Azure 9 is a suitable busoption to the European market.

Customized new Solution for Europe

TheAzure series E-bus were built by Higer Bus based on its in-depth understanding ofthe future urban traffic demand. It integrates mainstream new energy technologiesand intelligent manufacturing processes, and the ones for domestic market have beenoperated efficiently in many cities across China, and the product performance hasbeen completely verified.
Azure9 debuts in busworld Brussels, is a new member of the series that is customizedfor European market. The development of Azure 9 is not only responds to the environmentalprotection concept in Europe, but also do concern the multiple needs of improvingbus coverage area and increasing the proportion of bus electrification in old urbanareas of Europe.
Thelength of Azure 9 ranges from 8.7m to 9m. The whole series are low-floor and pureelectric city bus. It can work as an urban city bus, and suitable for suburban transportation,point-to-point connection operation. As a successful extension of Higer Azure seriesto the medium-sized products, Azure 9 has different options for the number of passengerseats, which can expand its operation scenarios from urban buses to point-to-pointshuttle services such as airport-hotel and suburban short-distance transportation.
Moreover,Azure 9 provides operators flexibly allocate route formation according to passengerflow to optimize transportation efficiency and save operating costs.
Thelaunch of Azure 9 provides a zero-emission bus product for the European market.At the same time it does provide operators with more options and flexible operationmanagement schemes for fleet composition. For passengers, this bus is also a comfortable,safe, green and environmentally friendly public transportation.

Embodying Humanistic Everywhere

Atfirst glance, Higer Azure 9 is attractive by the styling which is fashionableand modern, showing gentle beauty.
Azure9 adopts an integrated high-ceiling design, with all LED lamps. The design combinesbeauty and maintenance convenience, and the visual effect is neat and elegant. Itaims to create a travel space with both appearance and quality, making driving andriding truly enjoyable.
Seenfrom the inside, you may feel the humanistic care by the interiors, includingseats lay-out, driver compartment and color matching. In the driving area, Azure9 is equipped with ACTIA independent instrument which offers the ergonomicworking environment for driver. In the passenger compartment with big space, ofwhich standing area is nearly 6 m2.

Leading Configurationto Cope with Different Use Scenarios

Asone of the most professional and historical bus exhibitions, busworld is a stagefor global bus manufacturers to show their product power, which is always the hotspotof the bus industry.
Asa pure electric bus model, Azure 9 is equipped with new CATL battery, highefficiency motor and intelligence electronic control system. Azure 9 representssafety, reliability and green transportation.
Inspite of electronic parts, Azure 9 adopts light-duty design as well as a range ofnew materials and manufacturing processes. As a result, the performance of Azure 9 duringdaily operation will be high-efficiency. Forexample, the front independent suspension system enablesthe bus with a smaller turning radius less than 7 meter. Which ensures the vehicleto have good traffic ability and stability. Adopting the ECAS system with adjustable& kneeling function enhances the vehicle’s capability in different road conditionsand ensures superior travelling experience.
Azure9 features by an impressive technological highlight in the form of intelligent connectivity.The bus is equipped with new generation intelligent bus instrument, utilizing CANbus system for the whole vehicle. With the inclusion of a CAN gateway, the communicationquality is significantly improved. Additionally, the vehicle incorporates T-BOX,an advanced bus information detection and sharing system with back-end data transmission,enabling real-time monitoring of current condition of bus through an online platform.
Allin all, Higer Azure 9 has shown its strong product competitiveness whichattract customers from Italy, Iceland, Luxembourg, Romania and other markets whohave expressed strong purchase intention.
InEurope, the origin of modern bus and bus technology innovation, Higer has theconfidence to lead the trend of European market by rich experience inmanufacturing and new energy knowhow.

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