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Higer Bus Once Again Serves the United Nations Climate Change Conference

From November 30 to December 12,2023, the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) is holding inDubai, United Arab Emirates. The theme of this conference revolves around “Unite, Act, Deliver”, and it aims to undertake the inaugural worldwide assessment of the implementation of the Paris Agreement, attracting significant attention. As a leading brand in China’s busmanufacturing industry, Higer Bus once again proudly embarked on a mission toprovide fixed-point shuttle service for public transportation for theConference. As the only Chinese bus brand providing shuttle service for COP27,Higer Bus once again demonstrates its Chinese wisdom and strength in promotinggreen development to the global stage at this conference.
The United Nations Climate Change Conference isone of the highest decision-making bodies on global climate issues and one ofthe largest international conferences in the world. After successfully servingthe 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) as the only Chinesebus brand in 2022, Higer Bus has once again demonstrated Chinese wisdom ingreen development.
In November 2022, COP27 wassuccessfully held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where Higer Bus provided 30 electricbuses for green and zero-carbon transport services. This conference not onlydemonstrates China’s leading technology in new energy buses but also reflectsthe green capabilities of Chinese enterprises in serving major internationalconferences. Higer’s pure electric buses shuttled through the venue during theconference to offer efficient and swift shuttle services to delegates fromdifferent nations, creating a captivating vista within the venue.
During Global Climate ChangeConference this year, Higer Bus’s Azure12 provided services for guests. The LEDheadlights and ambient lights around the bus are even more dynamic, capturinghearts at first glance. Higer Bus has specially customized and developed an airconditioning system suitable for tropical areas to cope with the localscorching climate in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, the vehicles areequipped with high-capacity batteries to further improve the rangecapabilities, eliminating range anxiety and fully meeting the demands ofall-day conference transport without the need for halfway recharging.Furthermore, the vehicles are also equipped with customized systemconfigurations such as air suspension adjustable driver seat, EPB system, ADASand 360 panoramic view system. With the support of various advancedtechnologies, it enhances the driver’s sense of safety during driving andensures utmost comfort for passengers throughout their journey. Higer electricbuses will provide full-range shuttle services for this COP28. According to theconference’s operating routes, they will run 10 times in the inner circle everyday and deliver more than 800 delegates in a single day.
In addition to serving the conference, Higer buses can be seen everywhere on public roadsaround Expo City Dubai, providing public transportation services for attendees’arrival and departure. The United Arab Emirates stands as a significantoverseas market for Higer Bus. Currently, Higer Bus with more than 1,500 modelsin the local market has solidified its position as an industry leader. In thefuture, Higer Bus will continue to provide more new energy publictransportation services to the local market to help achieve the UAE EnergyStrategy 2050 vision.
During the conference, the Chinesedelegation held a series of activities at Expo City Dubai, known as the”China Corner”. Higer Bus, as a prominent independent brand inJiangsu Province, presented at the Jiangsu Exhibition located in the entrancehall of the China Pavilion. Zhang Yizhen, Secretary and Chairman of the PartyLeadership Group of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’sPolitical Consultative Conference, and her delegation listened to theintroduction of Higer Bus new energy development and its operations in servingthe United Nations Climate Change Conferences twice. Zhang Yizhen said that theConference must have gone through very strict brand screening when selectingvehicles. Higer Bus can provide vehicle guarantee services for the UnitedNations Climate Change Conference is a symbol of its high quality.
Moving forward, Higer Bus willcontinue to environmentally-friendly public transportation services forsignificant global conferences and events, showcase the actions and accomplishmentsof Made in China in addressing climate change, and strive to achieve harmoniouscoexistence between individuals, vehicles and nature.

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