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“Last Mile” Solution, Higer’s Debut Azure 7 in Europe

With cute appearance and superior performance, the Azure 7 community bus has showed in Europe!
The world bus exhibition “busworld” takes place in Brussels, Belgium fromOctober 7 to 12, 2023. Since its establishment, the busworld Brussels has a history for 50 years. It is currently the largest and oldest professional bus exhibition and also the weather vane of bus technology in the world.
At this exhibition, Higer made its debut with three pure electric models, Fencer F1 that leads the trend of electrification, Azure 9, a mid-sized bus customized for Europe, and Azure 7, a “last mile” solution.
In the urban public transportation system, “the last mile” has always been a difficult problem for citizens to travel. With safe, green, efficient and high-level product characteristics, Higer Azure 7 brings a new solution for “the last mile” travel in Europe.

"Last Mile" Solution

Azure7 is the smallest among the three models exhibited at busworld Brussels.
Asa further extension of Higer’s Azure series products to small and medium-sized products after their successful promotion in the target market, Azure 7 aims to provide customerswith electric smart solutions for various operation scenarios, successfully solvingoperators’ traffic problems on narrow streets. The Azure 7 exhibited this time is a new product customized and developed by Higer to meet the needs of European market.As a low-floor pure electric bus in medium and small sizes, Azure 7 is mainly usedas community buses, feeder buses and point-to-point shuttles. It has successfully connected major passenger flow distribution points such as communities, schools, hospitals, commercial centers and rail transit hubs, making it the best choice to dredge the “capillaries” of cities and solve citizens’ travel problems in the “last mile”.
Inthe field of new energy buses, Higer has a profound accumulation of technologies and products, and its products are widely praised in domestic and overseas markets with leading new energy technology and excellent performance. Azure 7 fully embodies Higer’s understanding of the target market in terms of development definition, and willdrive European public transport into a new era of green operation.

Attracts the Europe withFashionable Appearance

In terms of appearance, all-LED small round light and smooth body lines echo each other,making Azure 7 quite cute. The air conditioner battery cover on the roof is designed in an integrated way and it is smooth and simple, complementing the “cute”design of the whole vehicle. The large side window provides a wide vision, not onlyensuring the daylighting in the bus but also providing passengers with a better view.
The mini-Azure 7 also has an impressive interior decoration. The bus is equipped withan independent instrument making it comfortable and ergonomic driving environment to the driver. The passenger area also fully embodies the user-friendly design of Higer. The flat and large low-floor area in the bus provides considerable standing space, with a maximum capacity of 40 passengers so it can meet the needs of free-access and fast boa rding and alighting. The seat layout can be customized to meet the differentiated needs of different routes.

Leading Intelligent Configuration for Superior Performance

With its professionalism and innovation, busworld Brussels attracted excellent bus enterprises from all over the world with their latest products. It can be said that this isa stage for leading technologies and latest products in the global bus industry to bloom.
The Azure 7 is small and beautiful with leading intelligent configurations, stable and superior performance.
First of all, as a product customized and developed for the European market, Azure 7 approvedby EU homologation, and key parts are from well-known mainstream brands in Europe.
Second, as a pure electric bus, Azure 7 is equipped with CATL battery and highly integratedelectric drive system to achieve sufficient driving range and solve customers’ driving anxiety about small and medium-sized buses. Its high-power and long-driving rangeconfiguration also reflects Higer’s development concept of following the trend ofthe times and actively leading the market trend. At the same time, new materials and processes are adopted for the bus to realize lightweight design. This is a strong guarantee for the performance of the vehicle.
Azure7 has a unique leading edge over its peers. Its front independent suspension, rear integrated coaxial electric drive axle and single/double-door platform design areall at the leading level of products in the same size. In particular, the front independent suspension is equipped with ECAS II system, making Azure 7 more trafficable and stable.
Nowadays, intelligent networking technology has been widely used in Higer products. Azure7 is equipped with a new generation of intelligent bus instruments and drive modulesto form the CAN bus system of the whole bus. It is equipped with a CAN gateway toimprove communication quality; it is configured with T-BOX background data transmission, and the cloud platform monitors the health status of the vehicle in real time. Inaddition, many intelligent safety auxiliary equipment options are available to better meet the diversified needs of customers.
As a new product developed by Higer in response to the European market, Azure 7 canmeet the needs of local operators in Europe for various operation scenarios. Sinceits launch, it has attracted strong interest from customers in many countries including Ireland, Italy, Spain and Romania, with an influx of intended orders.
Higer Takes You Higher This year marks the 25th anniversary of Higer’s establishment inSuzhou. Three models embodying the historical accumulation and innovative achievements of Higer will cross the ocean, stand on the stage of the world’s top bus exhibition and compete with international first-class bus manufacturers. This is a new journey for Higer to set sail overseas and also a highlight moment for China’s buses to shine on the world stage!

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