HIGER Bus Company Limited is one of fastest growing bus manufacturer and one of the top suppliers worldwide for buses and coaches with an established market in various countries.


In year 2006, K H F Automotive Trading LLC, won the exclusive dealership of HIGER  in UAE.

Beyond Your Expectations

With“focus on Safety & Services” HIGER Bus has won the trust of more and more customers since its launch in 1998. It’s strength lies in its sales and service network in the overseas market and are sold to more than 30 countries across the globe including  Europe, Americas, Africa, South-East Asia, and now in the Middle-East.

At  K H F Automotive, our mission is not just to meet your demands – we want to go beyond your expectations. We pride ourselves in providing high quality buses and coaches, enabling passenger service providers and other customers to capitalize on new business opportunities.

Strong Commitments

Our goal is to provide you with safe and reliable buses and coaches with comfort and added value. HIGER products are designed with the highest reliability in mind and manufactured with the most advanced components and materials at top-notch manufacturing base covering 950,000 square meters. Your safety and the safety of everyone who travels in our vehicles is HIGER’s top priority for which we identify and integrate the most advanced safety technologies to protect both driver and passengers, making our vehicles more robust and dependable. For achieving this, HIGER has been actively researching and developing as well as importing cutting-edge technologies in order to enhance product development mechanisms and establish an advanced customer-oriented R&D process.

Always at Your Service

At K H F Automotive, our commitment is to provide you with timely and efficient after sales service. We have an excellent workshop facility manned with our qualified service team. K H F Automotive service team have been set up professionally and is complemented with Chinese team of factory engineers, technicians and service support specialists sent by HIGER on a regular basis.



Fiber laser cutting

HIGER applies the most advanced fiber laser cutting machines with high precision, efficiency and positional accuracy within +/-0.03

Robot welding

Robotic welding equipment ensures a higher welding precision and enhanced quality and productivity.

Cathode electro-coating

HIGER invested 200 million RMB to develop a cathode electro-coating line which enhances the electro-coating quality and thus fully extends the service life and improves the vehicle resistance to corrosion and dust. The line was put into operation in May 2011, bringing HIGER’s annual production capacity up to 35,000 units.

HIGER cathode electro-coating line features the most cutting-edge technologies and complete procedures in the industry. The whole process includes 5 major steps: pre- cleaning, pretreatment, electro-coating, drying and cooling and 16 strict procedures.

G-BOS Intelligent Operation System

HIGER G-BOS platform (G represents 3G: GPS, GIS, GPRS and BOS stands for “bus operation system”) integrates the functions of GPS, driving recorder, fuel consumption recorder, maintenance management, remote breakdown analysis and stitches matching. G-BOS provides bus operators with an innovative bus monitoring operation management system which integrates advanced features and tools for massive data collection, 3G wireless internet and remote intelligence control.


Customer-Oriented Product Development

We listen to your needs and we meet your demands. Taking a customer-oriented product development route, HIGER established an advanced customer management system for the analysis of customers’ demands. In view of the characteristics of the various market segments, and according to your needs, HIGER carries out a targeted product development and market segmentation to meet your specific demands.


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