Why KHF Automobile for Serving for your vehicle?

Pay a visit to KHF Automotive Service and it pays you off with an increased lifetime and value of your vehicle. Our expert technicians are trained to offer Quality Service at low cost by which customer benefits with the value for money. They service vehicle of any brand and model using the latest tools and techniques and are bound to create a great Customer Satisfaction.

Standard Service: A regular service schedule can help keep your vehicle running its best. For your convenience, most of the checks and services can be done at little or no cost. Best of all, in KHF Automotive Service they are quick and easy to do. Major Service: The Major Service is our most comprehensive product, and covers parts that are regularly recommended for replacement every two years. Book a Major Service with KHF Automotive Service for assured quality from our trained technicians. All Types of Mechanical Repairs: Mechanical Repair includes all types of specific repair (Engine, Clutch, Fuel System, Transmission, Brakes, Steering Linkage, Electrical and Air Conditioning). We support customers in taking decisions for job selection. Electrical & Air conditioning Repair & maintenance: This area of expertise in KHF is handled by professional and qualified technicians who offers quality and faster service to our customers. Our AC campaign during summer benefits our customers in terms of value & money.
Body shop repairs & Insurance Claim Works: KHF offers very accurate and high quality body repairs at fairly reasonable rates to support our customers atthe time of unexpected accidents. FIP Servicing, Installation & Calibration: KHF provides this service which is economical with very high precision. Body Wash & Chassis Greasing:, KHF offers this service to all our customers with low cost or no cost.