14-02-2017 , Tue

Ushering in a new era of luxury travel, on 09 November, 2016, SCANIA HIGER‘s new factory for producing luxury coaches was officially put into operation, making a new milestone in the history of HIGER.


In 2007, Higer officially signed an agreement for strategic cooperation with Scania. The Scania Higer cooperation is purely a commercial partnership, where Higer provides bodybuilding expertise, while Scania supplies the chassis and the experience of international customer demands. Jointly with Higer, Scania’s team of stylists gives the coaches a distinct Scania character. The bus builders are employed by Higer, but trained to work with the same standardized processes, quality controls and continuous improvements that Scania utilizes in its other plants around the world. From Scania Higer A30, A50, A80 and A90 to Touring, from an export volume of just 16 units in 2007 to 450 units in 2015, and from just a single production line to a whole new factory in 2016, Scania Higer has accomplished several transformations.  The new factory will be committed to carrying out comprehensive technological cooperation and product promotion between the two parties, leading Higer to further speed up its internationalization.

Together, Scania and Higer are working not only on product design, but also with production methods, flow and efficiencies. As the market continues to develop, more possibilities for joint products and projects are expected.

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