HIGER  Luxury Coaches are internationally renowned for their reliability and outstanding operating economy. Every single component is engineered to heighten the performance of the vehicle and set world-class standards for fuel economy, drivability and road handling. Furthermore, every model can be customized to offer the best solution possible to customers in terms of passenger capacity, seating plans, comfort levels, etc. No matter what requirements you may have, we can offer you the best solution to meet your needs.

The coaches offer superior luxury along with exceptional performance and enhanced safety and is available in 2 models:

KLQ 6123 –  Seating 51+1+1 (1 door)

KLQ 6125 H92 – Seating  49+1+1 (2 doors)

The coaches are specially designed for relaxing long-distance journeys, offering ergonomically reclining seats with excellent air-conditioning, reduced noise levels and  comes equipped with a variety of on-bus features such as – water toilet, bottle cooler, multi disc DVD player, LCD screen, 3 Point seat belts and additional ventilation fan.

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