• Sturdy tipper for heavy work
  • Designed for maximum useful volume
  • Suitable for all bulk materials
  • Variable plate thickness available for floor & sides (floor: 5mm, 7mm, 9mm / sides: 5mm, 7mm)
  • Optimum discharge of bulk materials
  • Tail gate (inboard / outboard and top hinged / hydraulic opening) variants for every type of usage

MEILLER tipper’s are designed to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency and are distinguished by optimized exterior dimensions which maximize transportation volume, a large tipping angle and a long service life. Close cooperation with chassis manufacturers enables MEILLER to achieve optimum degree of harmonization between chassis and tipper superstructure.

Correct dimensioning of all components based on experience and the use of high quality steel give the MEILLER rear tipper strength and durability. A generous tipping angle, short tipping time and a low overall height are notable features of the trend setting MEILLER Classic Rear Tipper  design. The scissor type stabilizer increases stability during tipping operation.

The high pressure hydraulic system,  MEILLER’s own design and construction,  is a well proven and systematically developed arrangement. It is a no compromise assembly tailored precisely to suit the needs of the MEILLER rear tipper and it ensures a high degree of reliability.

Cylinders of the MEILLER hydraulic rams are nitrided and have an almost unlimited working life. The MEILLER axial piston pump connected directly to the gear box has a high rate of flow, maintenance free operation and maximum efficiency.

All steel works are sand blasted, primer coated and painted to provide the best possible protection against corrosion and surface damage.

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