Are you using HIGER genuine spare parts?

The use of genuine accessories and spare parts guarantees the reliable, efficient and safe operation of your HIGER vehicle. Our spare parts and components are specifically designed to handle the stress conditions on a HIGER vehicle. Therefore, when you need a replacement part, we highly recommend you not to use substandard generic parts which might potentially cause damage and affect the overall performance and fuel efficiency of your HIGER unit.

We are the Authorized Dealer / Distributor of Spare Parts HIGER Buses & SHACMAN Trucks, ZOOMOL & ENOC Lubricants.


Parts warehouse facility

The KHF Automotive Parts Distribution Center is located at the landmark KHF HQ facility in Jebel Ali Industrial Area1. Three Floor main Warehouse Facility (with 5000 Sq.area) plus additional facilities in strategic locations.

Pricing and Availability / Tech Savvy Parts Team/ IT System employed to manage the parts inventory, management of fleet repairs

  • KHF has a core competency of supplying Spare Parts in the Region within 24 hour notice because KHF purchases and keeps components and spare parts on behalf of its customer base and as per the needs of customers.
  • KHF receives global based competitive pricing on all core items of all models of Vehicles as we have established good relationships and effective communication channels with our parts supplier’s dealer network.
  • We work with our clients to identify the parts required as well as minimum and maximum quantities of said parts to retain on-hand as well as in the supply chain.
  • KHF’s custom-tailored ERP system manages the procurement of these parts that result in preventing our clients from ever having to worry about spare part shortage.
  • KHF has more than twenty sales, inventory and procurement and warehouse staff members to look after their wide customer base and cater to the spare parts needs of the customers.
  • Our most experienced Parts Team is present to always find the right parts for your requirement.
  • Our Success is based on our ability to always deliver to the demands and requirements of a fast growing Transport Industry. Our focus is on transparency and honesty in terms of dealings with our customers as we believe in long-term business relationships.