HIGER Sets New Goals in Energy Vehicle Development

05-01-2017 , Thu

Recently, HIGER revealed that it would focus on developing pure electric vehicles in the coming  years. HIGER has set the company’s priority  to develop a new set of series system especially for city buses. When the series system switches on its electric power, the power generator will no longer serve the driving. The power generated will enter energy storage devices (cell and capacitor), which will provide energy for motors. With the development of system powered by pure electricity, the engine will be replaced by electric power unit.

In addition, HIGER is making every effort to improve the self-adapting technology of new energy buses. So far, HIGER plug-in hybrid bus has already matured with only its self-adapting control requiring further improvement. HIGER plans to further upgrade its whole electric controlling system, moving forward to manufacturing pure electric buses.

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